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"From as long as I remember I always wanted to be a writer.  Like most aspiring writers, I did everything recommended and outlined in every writing book out there.  I noticed a common thread between each and every book I read.  All of the recommendations for writing success fell flat and I found myself not making a dime from all their presented strategies.  At first I thought I simply wasn't talented enough.  Then I realized that the techniques being taught in these books were OUTDATED and were NOT up to speed with TODAY'S new way of making a living as a writer.  It took having a career as a successful marketer having my own business for me to discover the REAL SECRETS behind selling your writing and making LOADS OF MONEY doing it.  Once you discover my strategies, you too will have the power to write your own paycheck as a writer, making as much money as you want!  GUARANTEED!!"
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"I never guessed in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to make $400,000 from a little book that I wrote in only 11 days.  Your book Living The Writer's Dream opened my eyes to the possibilities beyond the run-of-the-mill 'methods' spewed by everybody else out there.  Thank you!"
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"I thought I had to sell magazine articles or go the long route to get a book deal through an agent or a publisher.  Monica really opened my eyes to ALL the possibilities of how I can make money as a writer, most of which I never thought of.  If you want to be a lucrative writer, read this book!"
~Tina Ho
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  • Discover how you can "circumvent" the traditional way to get your writing noticed by going for the jugular and using non-traditional "tricks" to making money from your writing. 
  • You'll be shown the most profitable ways to get rich as a writer...and which kinds of writing are a waste of time!  This is what separates SUCCESSFUL writers from those who will always be "starving artists."
  • How to run your writing career as a business, never being at the whim of traditional agents, publishers, and publications; rule your own writing life and earn what you want to earn!
  • A tested and proven step-by-step system for EXACTLY how to break in as a writer...and become a bestselling a way you've probably never considered before.
  • How ANYONE who knows the basic English language can write books, articles, and other profitable assignments can make six or seven figures per year consistently as a writer.
  • A powerful strategy co-write a book with a #1 New York Times Bestselling author to ride on the success of an established writer!
  • How to quickly build up a lifetime of wealth in consistent ROYALTIES from your work so you can write, take a break, and still have money coming in!
  • REVEALED:  The most HIGH IN DEMAND kinds of writing, how much you can potentially make per assignment, and how to jump into these little-known writing realms that most writers will NEVER know about.
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